Efrem Interviewed on Rhapsody.com
July 13th, 2009 by DBS

For California skate punk outfit Death by Stereo, it’s been a tough journey through the darkness, but they’ve found their way back. Formed in 1997, D.B.S. took hardcore mentality, punk ethics and metallic tones; injected their outspoken swagger; and made a name for themselves with incredible live shows all across the country. As they gained momentum and their sound turned more aggressive, the band found themselves stricken by tragedy and at the center of some unwanted controversy in 2003 when a fan was killed at one of their shows — a memory that frontman Efrem Schulz recalls as “one of the most awful things I will probably ever see in my lifetime.”

Bouncing back from the misfortune was not easy, but Death By Stereo persevered and continued writing and releasing music. Then, after parting ways with Epitaph Records, Schulz explains, “the planets were aligned to end our band.” But in trying to do it on their own, D.B.S. found an ally in System of a Down’s …READ MORE>>>